Award Recipients

2014 – Elvis Duran


Elvis Duran hosts the Top 40 Premiere Radio Networks’ “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show”. The show is broadcast from New York City but is syndicated to 75 markets including: Philadelphia, Miami, Cleveland, St. Louis and Austin to name a few.


2012 – Radiolab


Radiolab is a one-hour program hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich. It has been acclaimed since its launch as one of the most innovative shows on radio. Click here



2011 – Howard Stern & Robin Quivers

howard robin

Howard and Robin have made an outstanding contribution to the medium of radio. As a team, their career has been extraordinary and their pioneering on-air achievements have spanned both terrestrial and (now) satellite broadcasting. Click here




2010 – Bruce Morrow


Bruce Morrow is  also known as Cousin Brucie for millions of radio listeners around the world. The award was presented to him for his creative and inspirational radio programming, and his lifelong commitment to the medium of radio. Click here.



2009 – Les Paul

les paul

Les Paul was not only an inventor and extraordinary musician, but he also was a radio pioneer. His 1949  Les Paul Radio Show  was recorded entirely in his New York apartment and was revolutionary in both its content and technology.   Click here.





*Please note that due to extensive station renovations, which resulted in disruption to meetings, there was no award in 2013.

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